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Who’s Currently In the Cat Lounge?

This album features our adoptable kitties!


Our Policies

1. All customers entering the cat lounge will be required to sign a waiver.

2. The minimum age to enter The Cat Lounge is 7 years old. All children between the age of 7 to 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

3. Paws is fully committed to providing a relaxing environment for the cats, and the humans enjoying their company. We ask that you exercise absolute caution when handling the cats. We have provided adjustable chairs and tables, as well as pillows and mats, to encourage interactions on the cats’ levels. This encourages the cats to come to you, which will result in more pleasant interactions for everyone. Please inquire with the Cat Lounge Attendant, as they can provide some guidance on which cats are tolerant to being picked up.

4. No outside animals are permitted into the cat lounge, for the safety of our cats and our customers.

5. Please keep a close watch on your drinks and baked goods, and do not allow the cats to consume them under any circumstances.

6. Enjoy yourself!



Cafe & Cat Lounge Hours

Monday: Closed

Tuesday through Thursday: 10:00am-9:00pm

(Last 60 minute booking at 8:00pm)

Friday: 10:00am-8:00pm

(Last 60 minute booking at 7:00pm)

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00am-6:00pm

(Last 60 minute booking at 5:00pm)

Address: 10588 109 street, Edmonton, AB, T5H 3B2

Email: Nicole@pawsthecatcafe.com

Call: 780-760-PAWS

What is Paws The Cat Cafe?

Paws is a coffeehouse in Queen Mary Park,  featuring excellent coffee and The Cat Lounge, a room which is home to 11 adoptable kitties and 1 PURRmanent resident.

How many Cats are there? Where do the cats come from?

We have capacity for 12 cats, however, dependant on availability of cats from the Edmonton Humane Society, there may not always be 12 in the lounge.

Can I bring my cat/kitten/puppy/ferret/bird?

Unfortunately not, for the safety of all animals, we cannot permit any outside animals into the cat lounge.

How many people can be in the Cat Lounge at a time? If I don’t have a reservation, can I still go in?

We’ll permit a maximum of 8 people during regular hours, but we do reserve the right to decrease this number based on the number of cats we have in the cat lounge.

We recommend a reservation to ensure you get a spot, and will accommodate walk-ins when spots are available. 

Why is there a cover charge?

The cover charge assists with business overhead, such as rent and staff wages, and allows the cafe to be sustainable. The cover charge also helps  supports offerings of enrichment and stimulation for the cats. This enables us to provide the company of cats to those who may not have the time, resources or desire to commit to full time pet ownership.

How long can I stay in the Cat Lounge?

We have lounge options of 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours (which includes 2 drinks for you!) Please make note of the time you enter the lounge.

What is the cost to into the Cat Lounge? What’s the menu like?

An hour visit in the Cat Lounge is $13.00 for an adult, $10.50 for a student, (7 and older, including post-secondary) plus GST. This includes a regular drink. Make a selection from our beautiful espresso bar, a fresh pourover coffee, an Italian Soda, or a specially curated tea! We also have locally baked sugar cookies, stroopwafel, brownies and macarons in rotating flavours. 

Why is the minimum age 7? My young child is great with our cat(s) at home!

At Paws, we are fully committed to the health and safety of our cats and our customers, current and future.

While we understand that your own house cats and your children may be great with each other, the cats in our lounge come from many different backgrounds, and may not be accustomed to younger children.

For liability reasons, our insurance company has requested a minimum age of 7 (seven) in our lounge.

Do I actually have to take my shoes off?

Yes please! There are shoe/boot covers that are available if you’d rather not, or don’t have socks on. There are parasites that can be tracked in on the bottom of shoes, and we’d like to keep our kitty friends safe and healthy!


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